Jak spustit network FusionInventory agent

21. 4. 2022 - Nezařazené
Jak spustit network FusionInventory agent

HTTP interface

If the agent is running as a service or a daemon, its web interface should be accessible at http://hostname:62354.

If the machine connecting to this interface is trusted (see httpd-trust configuration directective in agent configuration), a link will be available to force immediate execution.


Command line

Agent can also be executed from command line, using either of its multiple executables (see agent man pages for details).



Open a command interpreter windows (cmd.exe), with administrator privileges (right clic → Run as Administrator on Vista and Seven Start menu).

Go in the c:\Program files\FusionInventory-Agent\perl\bin (adjust this path depending on your configuration) directory and run:

# perl fusioninventory-agent



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