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Jak nainstalovat Windows 11 bez připojení k internetu
Na obrazovnce s připojením k internetu stiskněte kombinaci Shift + F10. Spustí se Vám příkazový řádek, kam zadejte pčíkaz “OOBE\BYPASSNRO”. Po [...]
Jak opravit WSUS connection error
Ujistětě se, že běží služby: IIS site: V properties Wsuspool nastavit: Delete the wsus file
Microsoft Defender – správa přes CMD
Jak zkontrolovat updaty Open Start. Search for Command Prompt, right-click the top result, and select the Run as administrator option. Type the following [...]
GLPI – Cleaning
Hello everybody, I experience an increasing size of the tables glpi_crontasklogs and glpi_events. By having a look at the code it seems that [...]
Jak vytvořit z .ESD .WIM
You can use dism to convert the install.esd from the Media Creation Tool to an install.wim. dism /export-image /sourceimagefile:c:\path\to\install.esd [...]
GLPI LDAP Authentication on Active Directory
GLPI LDAP Authentication on Active Directory Would you like to learn how to configure GLPI LDAP authentication on Active directory? In this tutorial, we [...]
Přidání ikon na plochu – C:\Windows\system32\rundll32.exe ERROR
Open Group Policy Editor, then switch to Computer Configuration—> Windows Settings—> Security Settings —> Local [...]
Jak zapnout Wake on LAN u Dell počítačů
Prerequisites To use Wake on LAN, you must prepare your System first and the computer has to meet some prerequisites: Available Wake on LAN feature. You [...]
Jak zrušit Key mapping při bootu ntb Dell
Vypnout možnost v BIOSu: BIOS>Manageability>Intel AMT Capability>Disabled
Jak spustit network FusionInventory agent
HTTP interface If the agent is running as a service or a daemon, its web interface should be accessible at http://hostname:62354. If the machine connecting [...]
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